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The Race

Sometimes this job is like a race. Like you're carrying this person on your back, and it's a messy race. You're tripping and sweating and you almost drop them. It's bouncy and there's trash everywhere. And if you can just get them over that line. To the line and throw them over. Throw them over and into the ER, you're obligation is fulfilled. Your job is done. You've won the race. And for a long time, that was it. Mission accomplished and I wasn't responsible for anything else. I didn't care about anything else. Get them to the hospital.  Dust my hands off and pat myself on the back. But somehow, they crept in. What did happen?  Did they live?  For the first time I asked myself.  I began to bring them home. I put them on a shelf and they stared down at me. They said, did you run fast enough?  Did you fall?  Did you drop me?  You threw me onto this island- over your line, but was it salvation?  I left in a helicopter. I left in a c…

4 June 17


3 June 17


2 June 17


31 May

I didn't make this, but I wish I had.

26 May 17

Life is hard, man.

25 May 17

EMS week haul.

24 May 17

Sometimes I come home to presents.

23 May 17

Yep, there's a goat in your house.

22 May 17


19 May 17


18 May 17


17 May 17

Costco win.

16 May 17


15 May 17


14 May 17


13 May 17


12 May 17

Last day of school.

10 May 17

Nothing broken.

9 May 17


8 May 17

Double reds.

7 May 17


6 May 17

Support your local pint-maker.

5 May 17

A costco surprise.

4 May 17


3 May 17

Yeah, again.

2 May 17

"Sure, I can hang a new storm door."

1 May 17

A brilliant windy day on the water.

I Forget

Every year, I forget
the lush color of too-tall grass.
how bright the sun is on the way to work.
my jacket at home, even when I need it.
how long it takes for the trees to begin to bud.
that mice can get into the house.
the musty smell of impending rain.
how soon sun lotion becomes essential.
that carpenter bees love to eat my porch.
how tired I get when the daylight lingers.
the taste of a cold beer on a warm evening.
my favorite songs that drive away the winter blues.
that spring is my favorite season.

Late Night

Midnight: Flank pain. Been seen in the ER three times already. "It just hurts."
0330: Woman thinks temp is 108 due to using a 50 year old unreadable mercury thermometer.
Midnight: 30 year old with pain. Was in the ER this afternoon, left against medical advice with a diagnosed problem. Didn't fill prescription, didn't make follow up appointment, pain worsens.
0520: Shortness of breath that "just started" according to facility staff, been going all night according to patient.
Midnight: 20 year old throwing up for 1 hour. Doesn't know what to do.
0400: 40 year old with weakness for two days. Why now? It just didn't get better.
Midnight: 22 year old male with a fever.
2310: 29 year old with anxiety.
0230: 24 year old. Supposed leg infection. Just left er waiting room against medical advice. Walked to payphone, Called 911
0100: Short of breath. Just needed a chat
0245: 55 year old with blood in urine since noon.
0445: 26 year old with a…