I didn't mention it before, but I have been planning a trip to Greece for the last few months.  It has taken some time to plan as half of the time I am here, I'll be volunteering on a refugee camp which I now know houses Syrian and Iraqi refugees.
Two dear friends and I are here now and I just wanted to check in.  We will be spending about 9 days on camp (though we are living in an apartment in a nearby town)  doing whatever needs to be done. So far we have helped arrange some storage, sort clothing, distribute bicycles, set up a clothes shop, and teach some first aid (with help of forgiving translators).
This may all sound very mundane, but it feels important.  Important to help these people (read:  people) to feel safe, comfortable, and normal.  There is just so much going on politically, I have barely a meager grasp of the details.  But what matters is that these are people in a terrible situation that could happen to any of us.
Anyway, there will, I'm sure, but a few more philosophical updates on this front, but the simple perspective is helping people who may have lost everything. It's not paying it forward, it's just paying it.  The price of humanity.
We had quite an adventure to get here, all went smoothly, but we got to spend some time in the Istanbul airport, we've rented a car, and driven about an hour to our arrival place, ate like royalty and slept like the dead.
Driving in Greece has been fun and made me feel that we in America are too bogged down in rules.  Who needs them?  Not me. Every standard seemed optional as we drove to our hotel, much to our amusement and terror.
We have enjoyed Greek food, stores, restaurants, drink, and people.  So far, none have disappointed.
In three days I've had about 12 gallons of water and a fair amount of beer.  I've shoed dogs and played with toddlers. I've driven to Ikea, packed the car with puubles.
My companions are as game as I am to try new things, which is amazing and not surprising.
Anyway, there's a basic run-down.  More to follow.  I'm off for another greek beer.  Yamas!