Blogiversary 11

I've retrodated this post, as although I was thinking of dear old bloggie on the 15th (our actual anniversary) I was not near a computer. In fact, for the first time in a couple of years had an actual reason for not celebrating the blogiversary. I was lucky enough to be on a long weekend to Quebec with my nieces French class. Don't worry, I sent it a post card. (Bonjour, thinking of you, wish you were here. You know, normal greetings to an intangible object.) I am happy to report that on the trip, I didn't freeze to death or lose any digits as predicted by most (including myself). So, I am now wishing the blog a happy anniversary. I guess I've been 'better' at keeping but still not great. Between work and school and work and television, time for blogging has been limited. The traditional gift for the 11th anniversary is steel. (Hence the I-beam). But now I will be forming at least a couple of posts about how seriously Quebec takes their French and how just plain crazy it is to live in a place that goes to -15 F on a regular basis.