Paramedics are like cats

Growing up, our outdoor cat would often leave us 'presents' after a successful hunt.  She sought praise, but often got indignance as we mourned a cute little mouse or baby rabbit.  Even now, my indoor cats will stare at a mouse- trapped behind something- for hours before eating what they want and leaving the rest for me to find (usually by stepping on it).  Oh, what good cats they are!

My favorite doctor in the ER used to be a paramedic.  So he knows it for a fact: paramedics are like cats. I proved this just the other day.  We started with a cardiac arrest. But not just any arrest:  one where I actually got to do stuff! To feel like I could do something or make a decision that would improve the outcome of the call.  It felt really good, (despite the ultimate patient outcome) to actually have to think and remember stuff that I haven't practiced in a while. (I'm not sure if that sounds good or bad to you, dear reader).  When got to the ER, the doctor too, seemed happy to be able to do a little more for a cardiac arrest than usual.
Not one hour later, I had deja vu. Similarly aged patient, started out as a run-of-the-mill arrest, and developed into a good call, where yet again I got to do skills and give medications that are rare. When I called the doctor, I had to laugh. It was a good "Me again!" moment. I delivered this patient to the ER and chatted with the doctor. He then reminded me of his theory on paramedics and cats.

Paramedics, like cats, like to go out, find something half dead, play with it for a little while, and then leave it on your doorstep.

That pretty much sums up my job.

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