Faith in Humanity

This job can sometimes wear on a person. The heart the soul, and the sleep schedule are all at risk. This is a job where I often find myself in a situation where I can be helpful, make a bit of a difference in someones day, and then get paid to nap: ideal. But sometimes, after a string of drunk, silly, completely healthy, poor decision making patients I can be sick of it all. When I feel this building up, it is usually disipated with a great call where I felt very useful and all of those doubtful feelings go away.

Recently, feeling my job tolerance running low, we were flagged down by two boys. The concern and worry in their faces made my skepticism fly out the window. I hopped out and they both started relaying their experiences simulaneously.
Kid 1: "There are these bunnies running around and we can't find their mom and we don't know how to catch them and they're going to be hit by a car or something and how will they eat and they're under the cars! Can you help us?!"
Kid 2: "We found these baby bunnies and their mom is somewhere and we don't know what to do, they're under the cars and in the street, and they might need water and we need to do something but we can't catch them! Can you help us?!"

I was momentarily dumbfounded by their story and their sincerity. After spilling their stories, the boys ran back into the street and resumed their attempts to herd two baby bunnies from under a car. My partner and I joined the chase.
"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait." I advised, and they all stopped. "Just slow down and wait a second and let's try not to scare them." The boys noded vigorously in agreement and crept around the first bunny. One suddenly and deftly grabed it from behind and before I knew it, handed it to me. Now, in these situations, when presented with a possibly orphaned baby bunny that is probably the cutest thing in the history of cute things, I had, at first, the most insane thought possible. "Oh my GOD! I think I will keep it!" But in the next second, rational thought returned and I did not take the bunny home.

Sadly though, as the hastily appointed authority, they boys looked to me as for what to do next. It turned out they had stumbled on the hole these adorable creatures had popped out of and I decided to shove them back in there.
The bunnies were caught and returned 'home,' it was high fives all around. The kids were again, touchingly grateful that we were there and had helped them. We got back in the ambulance and I was absolutley filled with joy. I had a feeling usually reserved for those amazing calls where everything goes right and something great happens. Although I can't explain it, helping these kids really pushed me out of my work rut. I guess it was just nice to do something that was good, and to help someone who really needed it (despite that we had no idea what we were doing.)