29 January 2017

Late Night

Midnight: Flank pain. Been seen in the ER three times already. "It just hurts." 0330: Woman thinks temp is 108 due to using a 50 year old unreadable mercury thermometer. Midnight: 30 year old with pain. Was in the ER this afternoon, left against medical advice with a diagnosed problem. Didn't fill prescription, didn't make follow up appointment, pain worsens. 0520: Shortness of breath that "just started" according to facility staff, been going all night according to patient. Midnight: 20 year old throwing up for 1 hour. Doesn't know what to do. 0400: 40 year old with weakness for two days. Why now? It just didn't get better. Midnight: 22 year old male with a fever. 2310: 29 year old with anxiety. 0230: 24 year old. Supposed leg infection. Just left er waiting room against medical advice. Walked to payphone, Called 911 0100: Short of breath. Just needed a chat 0245: 55 year old with blood in urine since noon. 0445: 26 year old with abdominal pain. Started at 1900. 0145: Fell 2 weeks ago, has arm pain. 2320: 40 year old waiting on the porch, bags packed, with cellulitis in leg.

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