1000th Post!

This lovely orchid plant was my grandmothers, who kept the finicky plant alive for several years. It is now under my care...I give it a week.

This, more importantly, as the title implies, is my 1000th post here on the old blog. Wow! This is also the 248th photo of the day, counting from May of 2008 plus a bonus month of October 2009

I don't have much to say on this occasion, it seems crazy that I've made so many posts.  Granted, a certain percentage of them are complete nonesense, but they still count.

It's funny to read those really old posts.  Some of them make me wonder just who was writing.  It's amazing to have a record of personal and professional changes one can go through in nine years.  My life in 1000 posts.  I do realize there are fewer and fewer posts about EMS.  Certainly there were a lot back in 2006-7.  But that was when it was new.  When I wanted to share every tiny thing I went on.  And I'm not saying I'm jaded now, just that my tastes and standards have changed.  I still love the job, but you don't want to hear about that abdominal pain that was going to the ER for the 3rd time in 18 hours, and I don't want to write about it either. 

It is worth considering though, adding more posts to just skim over what I've done at work.  I've noticed a lot of forgotten calls in the old posts, God knows how many I've forgotten in recent years, and have no record of. 

1000 posts.  Can't wait to say I have 2000, though that may take 18 more years at this rate. 

30 Pearls

I started this post back in last summer. I finally dreamed up the last couple while cleaning out my drafts. I'm cleaning out my draft posts because I am nearing a blogger milestone, so I want to be perfectly clear how many posts I have. Yes, I acknowledge that at least 30 per year for the last 6 years were basically cheating (the photo a day project) But...they count as posts. Anyway. Apparently I was feeling pumped about life and wondering what I might have told my 15 year old self. Here are a few things I've learned in 30 years...at least the things that look good on paper.

As I turn 30, I must say I'm feeling pretty good.  29 had a much more palpable and depressive effect on me.  But this year, I've had such an action packed birthday week, that I haven't had time to contemplate too deeply turning 30.  I've wanted to be an adult my whole life, so I don't really mind.  That and I get to say things like "I've seen Toy Story way too many times for a 30 year old woman."  "I bet those nerds on xbox live can't believe they just got schooled by a 30 year old woman."  "And IIIIII'Mmmm 30!"  a la Molly Shannon.  Something about 'milestone' birthdays can make one introspective and inexplicably terrified. 
In an ambitious thought I wanted to list 30 things I'd learned since birth that I try to live by.  Doing this without getting preachy is difficult, but if you can muddle through the list, I salute you!

1.  As best you can, be fearless.

2.  At the very least, don't let your fears decide anything for you. 

3.  Almost anything can be fun.

4.  All time will pass:  good and bad. 

5.  Be comfortable:  heels are for overachievers. 

6.  Never stop learning.

7.  Don't forget chapstick.

8.  Be prepared.

9.  Stay in touch with the good friends.

10.  Do something that scares you...every once in a while.

11.  Book those tickets

12.  Keep making goals.  Goals are what make the world go 'round.

13.  You know, that dude back in 1999 was right about the sunscreen. 

14.  Do the job you love.  Love it until the drunk people aren't funny anymore.

15.  Don't complain about things that are within your power to change. 

16.  Improvise. 

17.  Floss.  But, like me, you probably won't see the light on this one until it's a little too late. 

18.  Wear clean underwear, but not because you might meet a paramedic.  Trust me, we aren't looking. 

19.  Talk to your elders and write down their stories before they're lost forever.

20.  Travel.  Travel because it inspires you, travel because it scares you.  Travel because the world is waiting.

21.  If you want to be something- go be it.

22.  Nothing beats a trial like a failure. 

23.  Really try to be sure you're doing what's important as opposed to what's selfish. 

24.  But remember that some mundane things are important too.

25.  All advice is contradictory.

26.  You don't need to be in a relationship to be a functioning member of society.  Don't let your friends with spouses convince you otherwise. (they won't on purpose, but still.).

27.  You don't need children to feel self worth.  Don't let your friends with babies convince you otherwise (they won't on purpose, but still.)

28.  Grammar is important, and yes, I know I put the periods in the wrong place on those last two. 

29.  Stolen, but, Live as if this is all there is. 

30.  Fake it 'till you make it.

29 May 14

Remember micro machines?

23 May 14

I'm not sure what's going on here, but these geese were escorting over 30 goslings!

22 May 14

In an effort to not get caught up in the internet and waste a lot of time, I've been keeping the lappy closed.  Turns out, I just waste my time in different ways, and fall behind the picture a day project.  So, maybe these adorable sleeping ducks make up for some of the lateness.  SO CUTE!

10 May 14

My neice and nephew turned 12 today.  Apparently at 12, it's legal to smoke birthday candles. 

5 May 14

First time having Ikea meatballs and lingon juice.  No assembly required.

3 May 14

When you forget stuff at work...you never know what will happen to it. 

1 May 14

It's that magical time of year again and I'm getting the oblicatory cat picture out of the way early.  I give you, a scout in her happy place.