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The Joys of Homeownership

To be fair, there are a lot. The space, the freedom, the amazing feeling I got when I declared war on the English Ivy in the garden. In just over three weeks, I've painted one room (not yellow), painted the bathroom (not bright yellow with an acrylic enamel for outdoor furniture), and planted my garden. Declaring war on the ivy was the beginning. I've also openly warring with peeling paint, the tree that shaded my yard into a desolate wasteland, and all of the bees that are boring holes in my porch. Did you know that it takes more than just yelling at them to get them to go away? Spraying them with some kind of poison is far more effective than shouting 'Get the hell off my porch! You bore me!'

Anyway, I'm not sure where I was going with this, but I have developed a disorder that leaves me with an inability to relax at the house. Something must need doing, and if not, I'll stand around staring at things until it does. And I think that not having TV or internet …

Bonus Photo of the Day

It's not even time for the photo a day dealie, but I saw this today and knew that it had to be posted to the interwebs. Enjoy!

Come to think of it, why don't they make little horse trailers for little horses?  Maybe they do?  I'm gonna google it. 

Backpack, Suitcase, House

I liked the idea of squeezing everything I needed into two suitcases last year. Even then, I had plenty I didn't need, including about ten pounds of chocolate by the end. For a month this fall I loved the idea of squeezing everything I needed to live (apart from food) into a backpack. Home was on my back. But quite heavy.

Having survived out of two suitcases and subsequently a daypack, what has overwhelmed me in this official moving process is the amount of things I own and 'need.' In the past few weeks, I've been going though a lot of my things. Firstly, the things that I packed, well, hid, away at my parents house. The things that my 17 year old self believed were essential, but not essential enough to go to college, or really see the light of day for 10 years. It's funny to sift through these 'important' relics. Some are sentimental still, many more, completely pointless. But I am keeping in mind the things I'll find interesting in years to c…


The sign has changed again, and now a proud "SOLD" has been hung. Yesterday I went to the settlement table with all it's dramatics. It got a little crazy when we discovered a couple of contract breeches (nothing major at all), that the termite inspector sent us the wrong report (3 weeks ago), and rather importantly, that my lender did not arrive on time with the money for the seller. Closing was postponed for a couple of hours while my Realtors head exploded and everything eventually got sorted out. So, in the afternoon, rather than the morning, all the papers were there and filled out correctly, and then I got a cramp from signing them all.
I was in by five and we had the inaugural meal, cooked in my fancy pants gas oven and then the fam left me to start cleaning. Since I'm back at work this afternoon, I haven't gotten much finished. The kitchen is ready, downstairs bathroom approved, and the upstairs bathroom is now adorned with my long awaited London T…