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What annoys me the most about driving are the drivers whom are completely inconsistent. Those who speed up in the passing zone but manage to stay well under the speed limit at all other times. Those who will go five miles under the speed limit on the outskirts, then magically go fifteen over in a residential area. Those who can't manage to maintain the same speed while going up and down a hill. This, my friends, is one of my biggest pet peeves.
Which leads me to some random thoughts I've had about consistency. I started my current job six years ago. I feel that for a younger person, six years can make quite a difference. This time was really the genesis of my career. Though I feel like I've almost always had it all together, that's not true. There was a time in there when I just stopped caring. I was lazy and horrible. Generally got the job done, but more in a 15 year old 'what's the least I have to do to get by' sort of way.
There was a period wh…

Horn Please

I think that one way to start with India is to talk about driving. It is the first thing you'll notice. It's unavoidable, interesting, and a definite conversation starter. I was driven there by private vehicle, rickshaw, taxi cab of various style, private tourist vehicle, and very briefly: motorcycle. When I got in the back seat of my friends car, pulled the seatbelt around me and attempted to buckle it, there was no buckle. Passengers simply don't wear seatbelts. It was from that moment, I knew I was in for an adventure. (And that was after I slept in an airport, ran through Dubai airport, struggled through immigration, and had my checked bag lost.) Stories for another time.

The streets are exactly what you may expect: loud, chaotic, insane, impatient, fast, crowded, and completely bereft of rules and regulations, but secretly, I loved it. I am of a firm belief, (I know now, shared by most Indians) that if you're not going forward in a car, then what are you …

I see.

I have been wondering how to make the blog more awesome.  Wait, I've got it- write on it more?  No, that's silly.  Surely it will get more awesome just by exisiting.  I mean, that's an eight year archive you have to catch up on.  Isn't that enough?
Of course not.  A daily post seems a little much, don't you think?  I mean if you're subjected to my daily thoughts you'll end up with something like this. 

I've been using the phrase "I see."  Too often.  I read and audit all of the charts at work and I've noticed that I've responded to messages with "I see."  I literally mean, "OH, I get it!"  in a happy understanding sort of way. 
But I realize now that "I see" only comes out as menacing or sarcastic. 
"I see."  he said as he pressed his fingertips together and sat back on his throne.  A faint smile crossed his lips as he continued with carefully measured words.  "You shall be hung by the neck …

New New Year

As I write this, it isn't the 31st.  It's not even the 1st, but in my defense, it's been an odd couple of days.  I arrived from India on the morning of the 31st.  From there, I went almost directly to my Grandmother's house for our annual Christmas get-together.  Of course, I stopped at home and hugged the cats for about 100 hours first.

The whole of the day was more or less a blur, jet lag has a way of making you feel drunk when your not.  On the 1st I went to the movies and unpacked.  They say that what yo do on new year's day, you 'do all year.'  I'd be okay with that.  On the 2nd I went to work, and on the 3rd, I learned that I had been, um, relieved of my duties at my part time job.  This was both surprising and not surprising, and completely followed their pattern of not caring about their employees, or even the service.  That's really all I can say about that without getting extremely mad or sad.  At the same time, the rug I'd bought in …