New New Year

As I write this, it isn't the 31st.  It's not even the 1st, but in my defense, it's been an odd couple of days.  I arrived from India on the morning of the 31st.  From there, I went almost directly to my Grandmother's house for our annual Christmas get-together.  Of course, I stopped at home and hugged the cats for about 100 hours first.

The whole of the day was more or less a blur, jet lag has a way of making you feel drunk when your not.  On the 1st I went to the movies and unpacked.  They say that what yo do on new year's day, you 'do all year.'  I'd be okay with that.  On the 2nd I went to work, and on the 3rd, I learned that I had been, um, relieved of my duties at my part time job.  This was both surprising and not surprising, and completely followed their pattern of not caring about their employees, or even the service.  That's really all I can say about that without getting extremely mad or sad.  At the same time, the rug I'd bought in India arrived at my door step.  It is beautiful and although I bought it under the thinking that I'd just pick up some extra shifts at part time work, I am excited to have it.  I rolled around on it for a while, weeping over the loss of my six year job and felt a lot better about the whole thing.

So, as for a year in review:  A moving and exciting end (which I will write about) to an amazing year.  So amazing that it's worrisome.  My 2014 expectations are low in some areas, high in others.  I think it will bring on changes professionally and personally rather than put stamps in my passport. 

The 'resolutions' remain the same, but absolutely the focus has shifted to my employment.  Not only because I lost part time work, but because I have the overwhelming feeling that I am in a race at full time work.  The race is will I have to quit it before it quits me?  Change is a-comin' and I don't want to be caught unawares. 

Every day in the new year I have submitted a job application.  Usually to things I am either woefully under- or overqualified for, but at this point- any dollars an hour sounds better than my current part time salary of zero dollars an hour.  Norms will be challenged, expectations blown away, and what is truly important will become painfully clear.

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