1st Week- The beginning

Last week I learned that I can prepare for something for seven months and on the day before, still feel unprepared and panicked.  But, once I calmed down and collected myself, school started.  In the next five (now four) weeks we will complete- no rest for the weary.  Our first classes are anatomy, public, health, patient assessment and ethics. A good mix and a good intro.  Once a week we have a cadaver lab.  That is a new experience.  The last cadaver lab I had was in paramedic school and then we did intubation and did cricothyrotomy (the ol' knife and a straw routine) on them.  This was way cooler with actual looking at things and touching things, and....okay, gross.  Yes, I know. 

First week in, and I brought my lunch every day (a fact, I'm very proud of), made (roughly) 33 new friends, and been to two happy hours.  I've written 1/4 of a paper, done research, taken 4 quizzes, and made an alarming number of flash cards.  Can't wait for week two!

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