So, here I am bored at work and I wonder…what ever happened to that blog I used to write? Yeah, there was stuff about EMS or ambulances…something like that. Sometimes stuff about travel. Oh! And a whole month of just pictures. Weird. Then, I think that the job got boring, or sad, or both and the blog sort of stopped. Sure, maybe a few meager posts here and there, but nothing too exciting or deep, but thankfully, no sad poetry either.

Perhaps the world is blessed by having one less blog. One less tangle of self obsessed prose. One less (pre) millennial bitching about how hard real life is. One less quarter life crisis immortalized with questionable grammar in ones and zeros. “Oh, my job is boring. I don’t get paid enough. I’m single. Everything sucks. Oh, I go on trips and rub them in everybody’s face. Oh, I’ve filled the internet with 1000 blog posts, look at me go. Oh, my pets are cute.” No one cares.

 Then I remember. All those calls that I can’t actually remember are here. Some okay poetry. Some travel anecdotes that only I care about. But that’s blogger life for you. My whole life there for the internet to see, yet no one is watching but me. (there’s some more shit poetry). Self indulgent “therapy”.

So, I’m here to stay. I will continue to agonize over wording that no one (very few) will read. I will think about the blog and maybe not say ‘forget it’ right away. I will post pictures of my cats, because I am a single woman over 30 and it’s in my spinster contract. I will make jokes that only I laugh at. I will write down calls that I will forget. My ‘comeback’ will be boring but not as sad as that as some D list actors. I will take my D list blogging to a new level. I will get one new person to read this that isn’t a robot trying to sell things.  One new person whom isn’t a fake Nigerian prince (although, be careful, I am susceptible to romance).  One new person whom I’ve never met. So, c’mon blog. Let’s do this thing.

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