Like a nerd, I had always wanted to re-take Anatomy and Physiology.  This is an incredible class.  I took it first in 2003 and to be a qualified PA applicant, this class must be within ten years.  So, I am getting my wish.  I felt like I remembered a lot from that class.  I remember it being fascinating and overwhelming.  An entire lexicon I had never heard before.  Amazing, amazing things going on inside my actual body at all times.  I distinctly remember that after hearing the lecture about muscle function I could barely move, now knowing how complex even the smallest motion was.  I guess what I remember most about A&P was that it was hard.
Now, a few weeks and several quizzes in, I am shocked by what I forgot.  I am horrified by what I never knew.  Or, maybe I did know it, but who knows?  Looking through my flash cards (which I did find and will prove useful) I must have known a lot of stuff.  But most of that's gone now.  I guess I don't often use the origin, insertion, and action of the gastrocnemius (one of my favorite muscles).
So far, (which is so early in the A&P game) I am still stoked.  I am dedicating the time to the class that I should have in 2003 but didn't because, you know, college!

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