Blogiversary 10

Like all previous blogiversaries, number 10, the one that deserved a party the most, has gone by without mention.  In fact, much to my shock and yours, blogiversary 9 was completely overlooked. But this year, I did remember and I did start this post on time, but then, predictably, I got distracted. At least these days I am getting distracted by actual things like education.  Who am I kidding.  Video games were the culprit, I'm sure. That or Top Gear.  Either way,  here we are.  Ten years on.  The modern gift is diamond jewelry.  Well, thanks blog for not getting me diamond earrings.  Oh, I didn't get you diamonds either?  Well, I gave you a fresh layout.  That should count for something!  Okay, let's not fight.  Love you too.

I know, the blog is not what it used to be.  If it ever had glory, it is certainly former. But...I have hope.  I have so much musing/whining about going back to college that surely that will fill a couple of posts.  Also in the next year I need to come up with some really good arguments for going to PA school (for entry essay) and I think I'll use the ol' blog to flesh them out.

And, having reviewed blogiversary 8, I had some big talk about a 'non-blog writing project'.  That is still going, believe it or not, and is periodically neglected just like the blog.  It isn't finished, but is actually pretty darn close.  Missing just a title (marginally important), a chunk of narrative toward the end, and some damn good editing/cleaning.  It is something I want to finish before I am "a qualified applicant for a PA program."   So that is still something for you, dear reader(s) for you to look forward to.

Outside of that...desperately seeking topics.

Happy anniversary, blog.  I miss you.  

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