College is for Everyone

Yes, I'm one of those assholes.  The one that says "Well, I know college isn't for everyone." while secretly thinking, "Except for my kids.  Only idiots don't go to college."
But the truth is, college isn't for everyone.  Countless non-idiots have made it their whole lives without going to college.  In fact, most people I know didn't go to college and they're doing just fine.  It's only weirdos like me who can't seem to get enough.

And the thing is, college is no longer a golden ticket to a 'successful' life.  I recently ran into an old friend I knew in high school.  She went to college and majored in (what I would usually phrase as) something useless like...drama.

I made that face.  That face that every asshole makes when someone tells me they majored in drama, or art, or dance.  That face that says "way to waste all of your money and four years of your life."  That face that says "How's working as a waitress working out?"  That face that tells them I have judged them for that major and that's just not fair.  I try to hide it, but I am a bad actor.  This friend even minored in something useless!  Then she got a master's in something useless!  Before I could feebly cover up my telling face, she stopped me.  "But you know, it's not like I was good at anything else.  What was I supposed to do, get a master's in chemistry?"

And that is it.  Why do we judge these people?  These creative types that we willing to sacrifice all of their money and four years of their life knowing that in the end they probably won't be doing the job they wanted.  Was my friend supposed to minor in biology or something?  Would that have opened doors for her?  Are all art majors supposed to fall back on something they're not good at?  So, to all of those people: I'm sorry.  I'm sorry that your dreams and talents didn't lead you to financial stability.  I'm sorry for all of those times I made that face.  All of those times you had to justify your dreams to assholes like me.  Thank you for being passionate about things that the rest of us take for granted.  

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