Calls Round-Up

Looking back in the blog, I see that I used to at least mention calls I'd been on that week/day/month.  Over time, I realized that all of this documentation could have gotten me in trouble. That, plus the novelty does wear off, even in a business like EMS. So, the call logs tapered off.  But, I also realize how many calls I've forgotten in recent years.  In fact, I've even forgotten the calls I've written about!

So, here are a few that I remember.  Closed broken ankle- single step won.  Open broken ankle, driveway won (but it was for a a good cause).  Great old crack on the head that looked like a murder scene...he was fine! (More or less).  A guy had a seizure and fell onto something that busted a huge gash in his face.  Insult to injury (or the other way around).  A lady with restless leg syndrome.  Yes, this is totally a medical emergency (did you get the sarcasm?)  A guy who 'bumped' his head and felt like going to the hospital.  I love it when people answer me with a shrug, then fail to take my advice.  Go ahead and wait in the ER for 8 hours, that doesn't bother me at all.  A kindly old lady with few ailments other than loneliness.  A lady with diverticulitis who actually hyperventilated herself into unconsciousness.  That was a first, but a relief for everyone.  A drunk pregnant lady who threw a trash can at her boyfriend.  

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