What Matters

Get ready for the post EMS Today conference blogging blitz!  Okay, so maybe one post, but I am motivated.  Motivated not only as a blogger but as an EMS provider.
It is easy to lose focus in this business amidst the crap calls, drunks, and abusers.  It is easy to be bogged down by the sad things, paperwork, and politics.  But none of that matters.  EMS today illustrates to me what really matters. 
It is truly a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by the best EMS providers in the country.  They come from all corners not just to get a paid vacation, a good price on new equipment, and to drink in a different state.  The reason that unites us is that we all want to be the best at our jobs.  We want tips and tricks to make our lives easier and to improve patient care and outcomes.  We are all scared by things that we don't know we don't know (at least I am).

This job can be challenging.  It is hard to give a patient your full attention when you've been running calls all day and missed dinner three hours ago.  It's hard to do your best at 3am when you've been called by someone who had the same problem at the 3pm.  It's hard to not get frustrated when you lose faith in leadership and have to jump through their hoops when you don't want to.

What is easy though, is remembering what matters in this job.  It is the best job in the world and at the end of the day all we have to do is what's best for the patient.  What's best within our abilities and education.  What's best without judgement, thought to the time of day, or bias.
Yeah, that's easier said than done. Trust me, my enthuasim for the job waxes and wanes.  But conferences like these get everyone fired up and focused.  It's con ed that makes you excited for that next call because maybe you'll be the one to find that posterior MI, or resuscitate that impossible arrest. 

So, let's get passionate about doing the best CPR, getting the 12 lead within the first 2 minutes, using our end tidal CO2 capabilities and reading the literature.   Revolution anyone?  Let's get passionate about putting patients in gowns in the field.  (can you tell I refreshed with Bob Page?)  Read everything he teaches here.  Trust me, it is gold. 
How cool is it that research relevant to EMS exists?!  Here's a great year and review.  Find out what matters here. 

To be honest, I really need a nap after all this excitement.  I don't work until tuesday and hopefully this cold will be gone by then.  What won't be gone is the desire to do good, well. 

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