It's been an odd year, I guess. If I say that every year, then what does a normal year consist of? I just read through my whole blogging year and although it didn't take me very long, due to a shameful lack of posts, I think it was pretty good. I did a little travel, a little car buying (get it? little?) and had some good times at work.
Having reviewed last years 'end of the year' post I have concluded that I should read that post sometime in June. That way I can remember my 'resolutions' and maybe be inspired to tackle one or two of them.
I did accomplish, finally, a throw back resolution and bought a super expensive fancy smallish flashlight for work. It is obnoxiously bright and I have already used it at work. Result! Also, I bought it at the Bean, so if it ever goes wrong, I'll get a new one for free.

The Bible, the Torah, the Quran, and for fun, let's say the book of Mormon are all still unread.

I went on only one first date and it was mediocre. It was pretty good on the day, but I am still waiting for him to call me for a second date.

Really, should I stop resolving to write more? The desire to waxes and wanes and that's just it. Without a real direction and with almost no discipline there is little hope for a finished novel this year. But, maybe inspiration will strike hard and last a long time.

I love and hate the new year.  I am annually annoyed by my renewed efforts to find a boyfriend and to get in shape.  After a few months I remember that I've already resigned to being a spinster and have adopted the firm belief that I was not made to be skinny.  This is all bullshit of course, but it is the cycle of my new year.

But, perhaps even temporary inspiration would be good.  Especially as I look in the mirror, say 'I should really get back to the gym.' and then carry on as usual.

Resolutions are hard, mostly because I have no resolve.  I can think of all these wonderful changes I can make to my charachter, then I kind of forget half way through.  So. I'll set a reminder in June to look back and see that I wanted to be more nice, patient, and understanding.  That I wanted to be more outgoing, fit, and social.  Then, maybe I'll feel bad, as I should, and start fresh.  

Anyway, happy new year.  And I mean it this time as I've concluded that there's nothing wrong with planting a little hope for change in the middle of winter.

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