Not the desired effect

My partner today was telling me a recent conversation she overheard at the hospital. A patient had a broken arm and they were going to "consciously sedate" her to set it. Conscious sedation involves giving one lovely drugs that make the fact that there is an extra joint in your arm a completely forgettable or hilarious situation. The nurse prepared to give the patient propofol, which is a brilliant drug for such things. (as an aside, the drug itself is white, so it is commonly referred to as "Milk of amnesia" Good stuff)

So the conversation was as follows:

Pt: (justifiably full of trepidation) "So, what are you going to give me?"
Nurse: "The same stuff they gave to Michael Jackson."
Pt: (not wanting to die of a broken arm) "Oh, my God, what?!"

Now she's nice and relaxed for the procedure.

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nikki said...

i love how one of the safest and fast acting drugs has now become one that everyone will cringe when hearing ... it's sad!