Sprechen sie Englisch?

I have been making fun of my mother recently. I have a very clear childhood memory of every night before we embarked on a family vacation, she would be vacuuming late at night while the rest of the family would be trying to sleep. And what did I find myself doing yesterday? (at a reasonable hour) Yes, running the vacuum over the two small rugs in my apartment.
I completely understand the desire to come home to a clean and fresh house but I could never understand why that chore always got pushed back to after midnight.
This evening I am headed to parts of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The parents and I planned and booked this trip pretty much as soon as we got back last year, long before my wild ass plan became more of a reality. Now, further spurred by the need for bonding time, away we go!
I'll be on the lookout for an internet cafe in Vienna.


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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful vacation Ellie!