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We left Vienna and I didn't find another internet cafe for the rest of the trip. I did find internet in our hotel in Switzerland, but they only took only Swiss Franks, and I didn't bother to get any of those. There was also internet in our last hotel, but by then, who cared?
On our second (or was it third by then?) We drove west across Austria to Salzburg. We spent a sadly short time here, but in that time we saw the Mirabell gardens, Mozarts birthplace, a statue of St. Florian (the patron saint of firefighting), and rode a funicular to Hohensalzburg castle/fortress which gave us great views of the city. A repeat visit is in order. (I have a feeling I'll be saying that a lot.)

After Salzburg we spent some time in Berchtesgaden, Germany. Very near here is Hitler's Eagle's Nest, and Germanys' third highest peak, Mount Watzmann.

From here, on to Munich, a city so full of history! After our orientation tour, my head was spinning! Like many tourists, I would guess, I knew more and was interested in the history surrounding WWII.
The most poignant is that of the White Rose resistance. At the university of Munich, a group of students and their professor began writing anonymous resistance leaflets and distributing them via allied planes. They were sadly and inevitably caught and subsequently executed. I was really touched by this story.
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We went to Marienplatz and watched the famous and huge glockenspiel play. From there we took the subway to the Neue Pinkothek art museum (one of the few open on Mondays.) This is a museum of 19th century art that began with a collection of Ludwig I, the former king of Bavaria. This was really nice, and had something for everyone.
I was so excited that we rode the subway. I love public transportation and its successful navigation. I am so easy to entertain.

In the evening we went for a beer in the Hofbrauhaus. Here, oompah band music, huge pretzels, and liters of beer abound. It was campy and fun and didn't feel too touristy. I'm pretty sure I'd be found there every night if I lived in Munich.

What a strange day. But not as strange as the next day!

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