Predict the unpredictable

Yesterday I had the most predictable conversation ever with my beloved visa expediting service. I called them to confirm that by the time I went to mail it on Tuesday, I would have all of the necessary documents. I carefully went over the many documents I have collected-

Me:"...and an official transcript from my undergrad degree. And, well, that's everything I have."
VES: "Yeah, that all sounds great, I think you have it all." -short pause- "Except one thing."
Me: "I am completely unsurprised that you said that."

From there we shared a laugh as she pointed out that this process was actually a lot easier last year. I was also unsurprised about that.
It turns out that I needed the mysterious "Appendix 8" a document that until then I had no idea existed and would have absolutely never found without them sending the link to me.
Tomorrow at work I will busy myself with filling that out and then using their laser printer to print out the shipping labels from FedEx. Apparently one can't just go to the freestanding FedEx store and get them to print out shipping labels. I don't even know why the freestanding store exists, really.

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