Visa Process Update

I am living in the hope that by early next week, my completed and fully documented visa application will be making it's way to the visa expediting service. None of the finite goals for this project have come together "on time." I've said, "...and then I'll have it in the mail by Tuesday!" at least three times, referring to three different weeks. Every step is actually hiding an extra step under its coat. The closer I get, the more things I have to do, and now I have to amend my post about the UK student visa process.
The UK apparently changed some of their rules on required documents last month. As a result, I have also had to collect my pay stubs from the last three months and yesterday I had HR at work write me a letter that stated that I did, in fact, work there.
I also had to find my old passport, and an old UMBC transcript that states that I did, in fact, attend that university and did, in fact, graduate. No, UK, I am not taking my 14x12 inch framed diploma to Kinkos and getting a copy made. Well, unless you insist.
At this point, I'm not even sure if I need the fake flight itinerary, or to know how to stand in line, although I am sure I will be queuing like a champ when I go to Baltimore to get my fingerprints done. Ah, an adventure around every corner!
Also, tomorrow, I'll be headed to the FedEx store so that I can prepay an envelope to send with everything so that the expediting service actually, you know, mails everything back to me.

But, today I did finish my application, I successfully paid for it in US dollars (hooray for not having to pay foreign transaction fees on the credit card) printed it out, copied it, and signed it. It is in a lovely, $218 stack on my kitchen table. The salt and pepper shakers and the flowers are in awe of it. I am a little nervous, even though they told me to, about the section that I put a line through and corrected by hand.
So, new plan number (oh, I stopped numbering them!) Go to FedEx, call the expediting service and pray that they agree that everything I have is okay. Then, wait over the weekend, get fingerprints, put absolutely every stitch of paper remotely associated with the visa (whether they want it or not) into what will be a very stuffed envelope. Seal it with a kiss, spray it with my perfume, and mail it with a tracking number, return receipt, and require a signature upon delivery.
So again I say: "...and then I'll have it in the mail by Tuesday!"

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