Cov Update 2

Yesterday I received my shiny new passport. It really is shiny. My old one had gotten wet and the fabric of the cover had shrunk, so this one needs some serious breaking in. No prob.
Last week I made my first official tuition payment (1 of 2). Ohh, it made me nervous. Well, anytime I have to sit and wait in a bank I get a little nervous. I'm not sure why. Well, yes I do; it probably has something to do with spending, um, a significant sum of money on what, at this very moment, is an intangable education. I feel better now though. I decided that it was worth the 30 dollars to wire the money stop to the university's bank rather than taking on the risk of mailing a check.
Either way, now that I have the passport and have paid a bit, I have to wait for them to receive said wire and send me a letter that says that I am officially enrolled. Then I delve into the murky waters of applying for a student visa to the UK government.
I've pretty much sorted things out with the NREMTs and will be mailing in my excessively complete application and con ed reports at the beginning of October. By "will be mailing" I mean begging my parents to remember to mail it when that date rolls around. There has been some stress over the whole thing because it is due to expire while I am due to be gone. There is nothing in the world that would cause me to let that registration lapse. I am up on all the reregistration rules, and by the end of May I will be all renewed in my ACLS, PALS, NRP, and CPR.
Now off to bed.

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