Ding Ding!

I can climb rocks! Okay, I can climb on rock-like man made things drilled into a wall. But really, who knew?!

Despite my best efforts, I had a really fun time, and met both of my goals. I didn't die, and I got more than a foot off the ground, success!
When I got to the top, I really wanted a bell to ring, or a bull horn, or something, so I just shouted "Ding Ding!" as if I had done something spectacular. Then came the hard part, which was getting down. To do this, you basically just let go of the wall. Let go of the wall, that is funny. From there your trusty belayer carefully lowers you back to safety. Fantastic. It's the letting go that's the hard part, so I just had a death grip on the rope on the way down.
It was a lot of fun, and an exhilarating way to get a good workout. Great, just what I need is another expensive hobby.

Photographic evidence: Climbing Pictures

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Walt Trachim said...

Death grip on the rope? Hell, as far as I'm concerned, the rappel back to the ground is the best part. That is, as long as the person belaying you is doing their job.... :)