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Oh Nine

Last year was the first time I ever wrote down any so-called resolutions for the new year. I think I should make more tangible resolutions for 2009 as most of them last year were cognitive, but I feel I did a pretty good job at sorting them out.
Firstly, I have set one of my wild ass plans into motion, and am now playing the waiting game with that. I will hopefully have more to tell, but I'll wait until there is something to tell, lest I look stupid.

I did quit my crappy job about two weeks after I resolved to, and I am now about to happily celebrate my one year anniversary with the not crappy job.
I got a flashlight for work, but it is still pretty bad. It is bright, but works only when it wants to and sometimes not even then. I find myself shaking it violently to life while on calls. So, I'll keep that resolution on the list for this year.
I find myself poised to enter a relationship, where things now are still tentative, shy, new, and exciting.
I felt exhilaration many …

Nothing says Christmas like

A playmobil nativity scene, a leg lamp (aka 'electric sex') , and a kayaking Santa.

Whole lotta nothing

My day so far has been kind of, well, basic. I did a transport in the AM (a 36 year old getting a cardiac cath. Scary stuff) From there um, I have actually completely forgotten half of our calls. I have even just asked my partner and he can't remember either. I guess that the calls don't need any more explanation than that. How sad is that? Oh, that's right! The one with the pushy daughter, he has reminded me.
We walked into the so-called "sick person" and were greeted by the daughter who demanded our names and that we shut the front door before we could even see the patient. That kind of behavior puts a bad taste in my mouth from the start. In actuality, the daughter needed to take her mom to the doctors office, but was afraid she'd fall down and she didn't want that responsibility. So, we dutifully sat her up, and walked her to the cot, as 'doctor's office' quickly turned into 'hospital' after we got there. I asked the daughter if her…

Drugs are (still) bad.

Last night I met a man at work who is in the running for biggest idiot of the year. I call him a 'man' to reiterate that he does not have the excuse of youth and inexperience to fall into drugs. We were called at 0330 this morning because he decided it would be a good idea to watch relative strangers mash up "pills" melt them down into a spoon, draw them up into a hypodermic that might have come from a used sharps box (or God knows where), and inject it into his vein. Doing this, rightly so, made him classically "feel funny" and have a period of severe chest pain. Thank you, Mr. Idiot, now I am awake and my 3am mind is trying to wrap around a 35 year old guy who would do this to himself.
I couldn't find anything wrong with him, as by the time we arrived, his funny feeling had subsided. Now he didn't even want to go to the hospital. Fine. Easier for me.
Somehow he was spared from the long version, of "Do you know how stupid it is to do thi…

EMS Tree

Behold! This years' EMS tree.
There are needles on my Christmas really. I might have gotten a little carried away with the picture taking. But it is fairly fabulous.


I have a cat. She is cute but useless. About two weeks ago, I noticed little teeth marks in my bar of hand soap that is on the kitchen sink. Tiny, rodent sized teeth marks. So, I put out a little trap. A few days later, I heard it in between the walls loudly chewing its way through, well, something that must have been very difficult to chew through, because it was making a lot of noise. At midnight. On this day, kitty was inordinately fascinated with staring at the sound coming from the walls. A cat possessed, she stared and stared, waiting for it to burst forth or something.
The next night, I came into the kitchen, flipped on the light, and had just enough time to see this rodent jump out of my recycle bin and under my oven. I'm afraid I may have screamed like a girl. At this stage, Kitty was sleeping in another room. Completely uninterested in our visitor now that it was in plain view. What's with that?!
So, I redoubled my efforts to capture the thing, and became w…


An class assigned sonnet-like response to "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun" by the bard himself. It's not perfect iambic pentameter, but amusing.

Some may want those abs to be a six pack,
oh, but yours, I’m afraid is two liters;
that and your tattoo of some womans’ rack,
are barely hidden by your wife beater.
You drive a tractor all day with a frown,
you farm; in your trade no man is wiser;
a hard worker from sun up to sun down,
sadly your product is fertilizer.
A solid education, you have not,
you won’t be, nor can name the worlds leaders;
most of your schooling spent with some ink blots,
avoiding the stay with bottom feeders.
But I love you, you idiot, you know.
You have harvested our love, row by row.