Whole lotta nothing

My day so far has been kind of, well, basic. I did a transport in the AM (a 36 year old getting a cardiac cath. Scary stuff) From there um, I have actually completely forgotten half of our calls. I have even just asked my partner and he can't remember either. I guess that the calls don't need any more explanation than that. How sad is that? Oh, that's right! The one with the pushy daughter, he has reminded me.
We walked into the so-called "sick person" and were greeted by the daughter who demanded our names and that we shut the front door before we could even see the patient. That kind of behavior puts a bad taste in my mouth from the start. In actuality, the daughter needed to take her mom to the doctors office, but was afraid she'd fall down and she didn't want that responsibility. So, we dutifully sat her up, and walked her to the cot, as 'doctor's office' quickly turned into 'hospital' after we got there. I asked the daughter if her mother had been sick lately and I got a (what had the potential to be a 30 minute) explanation of all of her maladies from the last year. I stopped her quickly and got her to focus for five minutes on the present. Then we just left.

The next call was for the so-called "unresponsive." Here, we were greeted by a visiting nurse. She had been there for hours, and suddenly decided to call us. Why? I'm still not sure. She claimed that when she got there the patient was 'resting' and proceeded to give her a bath and change her bed. When we got there, she did indeed appear to be resting and responded to her name. I couldn't find anything wrong with her other than being a stubborn old lady who refused to open her eyes or talk.

We just got back from another crap call, and I now am playing games on my pimp new zune.

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