An class assigned sonnet-like response to "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun" by the bard himself. It's not perfect iambic pentameter, but amusing.

Some may want those abs to be a six pack,
oh, but yours, I’m afraid is two liters;
that and your tattoo of some womans’ rack,
are barely hidden by your wife beater.
You drive a tractor all day with a frown,
you farm; in your trade no man is wiser;
a hard worker from sun up to sun down,
sadly your product is fertilizer.
A solid education, you have not,
you won’t be, nor can name the worlds leaders;
most of your schooling spent with some ink blots,
avoiding the stay with bottom feeders.
But I love you, you idiot, you know.
You have harvested our love, row by row.


Walt Trachim said...

Better than close enough, Ellie - that's really good. And it is quite amusing, as well.

Walt Trachim said...

And I almost forgot that the sonnet you refer to at the beginning was the inspiration for Sting's song "Sister Moon." Keep an eye on my blog as I'll put it up in a post....