I voted!

I've never had such power in one finger as I used our fancy touch screen to vote for president today.
If you are American and reading this, please take the time to vote today! If you are not American and reading this, please pray that we have the sense to get it right this time!
I saw a promising number of these stickers as I did some final shopping for my election party today. We are able to agree on at least one thing, we should all vote! I took my 92 year old grandmother to vote today, which made me warm and fuzzy inside. She has seen so much change in this country and is still excited to vote.
Lets hope that there are no hanging chads, the electoral college works for us rather than against us, and for a decisive victory that can be declared today and not two weeks from now!
The blog is usually not political, but today I can't help myself!

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