I was walking to the store and passed by a line of cars waiting at a stop sign. As I passed, a back seat passenger rolled down his window, stuck his arm out and dropped some trash on the ground. Shocked, I stared open mouthed at him as my timid mind considered what to do. Impulsively, I turned on my heel and headed straight for him. I stopped for a second at the door staring into the car of teenagers.
“I’ve got it.” I said angrily as I bent down and picked up the offending litter, and I walked off.
“I’ve got it?!” that was my hard-hitting retort to this idiots selfish act. Freaking typical. Far better things ran through my mind as I walked away, almost prompting me to jog back to the car and go into an insane tirade about how dumb, spoiled emo kids are what’s really wrong with this world. Of course, I wouldn’t have taken the trash, I would have thrown it in his face, and informed him that he was in serious need of a haircut. At the very least I could have added “you jackass!” to my original lame statement or shouted other curses at random toward the car. Oh well.

My only conciliation was the horrified look on his face as I suddenly turned toward him. Ah, that was pretty good. But seriously, “I’ve got it.” is super sad. Silly pacifist Ellie.


Jen said...

Someone has to balance out the rudeness of the rest of us so don't beat yourself for being nice. :)

Walt Trachim said...

Actually, that's was pretty good. I'm not so sure I would have been that calm. I might have kicked their doors in. Or worse, handed them razor blades ;-)