Today I took a walk after work. It was a beautiful day, and although I never thought I'd voluntarily take a walk again, I enjoyed it very much.

Today for the first time, someone thanked me for saving their life. I'm not convinced I did, but she was feeling better after some adeosine slowed her heart from 190 beats a minute and her symptoms went away. I was glad it worked out because the call didn't start well. First, I got lost on the way there. I'm going to go ahead a blame the lack of rural road planning. At one point I found myself at the junction of Hilltop Road and Hilltop Road. I threw up my hands and the ambulance crew took mercy on me an met me there.
Once we found eachother, the compartment doors of my truck wouldn't unlock. I spent several futile seconds attempting to unlock them with my keys, but Iam generally key retardent, so I tried the switch for the 20th time and thankfully it worked.

From there, I stepped into the ambulance, hoping that I hadn't set the tone for an altogether bad call. The patient was clutching her chest and had a heart rate of 190. Sufficient not efficient. She was really anxious and kept asking me if she was going to die. I was pretty sure we could sort out her problem without issue. But then again, I had already been locked out of the gear compartment of my truck. I got her IV started and warned her that adenosine may make her feel funny, but it wouldn't last. She asked "Funny like what?" "Um, funny like your heart is stopping." Just kidding. Oh so many differences between what I want to say and what actually comes out of my mouth. I pushed it and we watched the monitor with excitement. I watched as her SVT went into a couple short runs of VT and then settled into a sinus tach. I was relieved. I would have been freaked out if she had actually died, even though I never told her she wouldn't.

Today I finished my 400th blog post.


Ken said...

Congratulations, its been a pleasure :)

Walt Trachim said...

Well done!

Thank you for keeping me inspired to write, my friend. :-)