This is green living.

I am totally on the 'green' bandwagon. I switched to those coil light bulbs, I recycle like a fiend, and I have taken to riding my bike to everywhere except for work. I am getting these sweet grocery bag panniers for the bike but they are on back order (probably because I am not alone in riding the green bandwagon.)
So, I needed a couple things from the grocery store, and although I don't have the bags yet, I do have a shiny new rack that is quite useful. So, I biked up there and as I walked into the store I was greeted by coke 12 packs were on sale for a ludicrously low price. Such that I couldn't pass them up. Without hesitation I stacked a few in my cart and spent the rest of the shopping trip considering my options.
1. park the cart and get my car.
2. attempt to stack four, twelve packs on a bike rack.
3. steal a grocery cart (temporarily)

It felt absolutely stupid to go and get my car to drive the short distance to the store just to get some sodas. 12 packs on a bike rack simply do not work, all I could see in my mind were 48 soda cans rolling down the street as I futilely attempted to round them up. I decided that stealing the cart would look far less stupid in the long run. So, at great personal risk of either being chased after by the store cart wrangler or developing a great look for my future career as a crazy cat lady, I stole the cart. I left my bike as collateral, not that the store knew that, but it worked out okay.
All in the name of saving energy.
As you can see from the picture, other than the cokes, I was getting some supremely important supplies.


mala said...

borrowed, you only borrowed the cart, and you returned it... not like you left it in a far corner of th eparking lot or something....

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