I wasn't going to take any

Again, after hours of uploading, pretty much all of the pictures of Italy 2008 are online.
In Rome, I had free internet in the hotel which was awesome considering that one could pay upwards of 3 euros (5 dollars) for half an hour elsewhere. Those updates were hasty but pretty much cover everything else we did. I've improved their spelling and added a little info where it was needed.
I've also added a few posts to better explain what I was doing in Italy in the first place, and what we did on those long internetless days. I hope you find it interesting/entertaining.

Italy 2008

Italian Ambulances


Legal Reps. Inc said...

What is the going rate for removing certain incriminating photos from your bucket?????

Jen said...

You just brought me face to face with my EMS inner nerd. When I was getting my stats degree, it happened on a day four of us were laughing at a math joke I knew "real people" wouldn't get. Today, it was the fact that I'm obsessed with the ambulance pics, wondering if the stretcher really is as short as it looks, wondering if the stair chair ever falls off the back onto the patient (I know it would if I had to hook it up there), etc. Ah, such nerdiness.