A day in the life of a GGW thru-hiker

1. Wake up at a fairly reasonable hour.
2. Stretch
3. Enjoy a delicious full Scottish breakfast. With or without tomatoes, black pudding, or haggis (shot of whiskey also optional).

4. Hit up the grocery store/corner shop for lunch.
5. Hike 5-8 miles and take in the view.

6. Stretch PRN

7. Enjoy a delicious ploughman's lunch consisting of bread, apple, cheese, and a large amount of chocolaty digestive cookies.

8. Hike 5-8 miles.
9. Stretch some more.

10. Get to B&B.
11. Have tea and biscuits.
12. Shower.
13. Stumble to dinner. Order anything, it will be the best meal you ever had. (accompanying beer/shandy optional)
14. Veg out and stretch some more.
15. Sleep, glorious sleep.
Rinse and repeat.

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