The old stand by post

When all else fails to give me something entertaining to write about, I look up some good search terms that led strangers to read the blog a bit.
I've had a few interesting ones recently. Here they are for your entertainment.

"hiking the great glen way" I never wrote a guide, but I did put together a day in the life. Please let it be your guide.

"how to belay" I'm pretty amused that someone found the blog via the belay post. I'm no expert, but there are a lot of videos about it on youtube.

"cavicide and miscarriages" Though I love cavicide, it is a carcinogen, and not meant for skin contact. Right on top they have a picture of a baby with an line through it. I don't think that means it causes miscarriages. At least I hope not.

"flashlight pocket built into trouser-pant" It would be cool if they built in a pocket for those giant skull cracking mag lights. But it would probably pull the pants down.

And, my old stand by search term of the day: "how much do I weigh in stones" 1 stone = 14 pounds.

Thanks to my friend at work "resqellie smells" is always #1.

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