I spent much of last week in a refresher class.  This year, I've transitioned from a Nationally Registered EMT Paramedic to the new title to Nationally Registered Paramedic (NRP)  I know.  That's a lof words.  But it is kind of important as the NREMT's is trying to make sure every paramedic in the country (more or less) is on the same page.  They've added some new things to the national standard curriculum such as end tidal C02 (I know you do that already) and the potential use of ultrasound and bed side lab work in the prehospital arena.  This is all very exciting, I guess, especially as I have survived the class.  I do love to see services expanding their horizons, questioning the norm, and demanding excellence. Medicine is an evolve or die kind of business and EMS should be the innovators, not the followers.  Okay, I'm done. 

This is the second time I've taken the week long refresher and it is always odd.  It's the only time for one week out of every two years that I have to get up early five days in a row (I know, what a chore) but it is weird if that's not already your schedule as a 30 year old adult. 
I admire all of the 9-5ers.  It's not very fun.  I often wonder how anyone gets anything done in their personal lives.  It is a phenomenon to me, and the blessings of my schedule are not lost on me.