Dueling Blogs

I have the immense privilege to be sitting right across from Maddog Medic in the flesh. We aren't speaking, though he is listening to me. Want to solve this riddle? He is transcribing an interview he did with me for his blog at this very moment. And I too am blogging at this very moment! How crazy?!
I am stationed this week at the EMS today conference to stock up on professional wheelings and dealings and learn some stuff. This is a wonderful conference full of networking and new products and I learned already that one dose of glucagon costs $130. That's out of control!

I cannot wait to catch up on disaster literature and EMS tricks of the trade and get as many free pens as I can at the expo tomorrow.  As for now, I'm headed to a class on smart stuff and pediatric breathing problems.  I am surrounded by EMS nerds and I love it!

I spent the day learning about things above my pay grade such as how to read a chest x-ray and how to differentiate between subarachnoid and subdural headbleeds on a CT.  All knowledge is of great value.

But, using free wifi, I wanted to let you know that he liquored me up and then asked me questions about the dear old Work in Progress and has put it here.  I haven't even read it yet, which illustrates the faith I have in this dear friend.  He is describing it as 'pure effing gold'  (that is paraphrased) so head on over there and check it out.      

Now that I have found the free wifi, I am going to attempt to 'live' blog the rest of the conference.  All three days that I'm here.  So saddle up!  No, actually don't get too excited. 


mala said...

I am shocked at your grammatical errors in this post! For shame, Ellie, for shame!

Ellie said...

I find it to be acceptable. Help me.

--maddog said...

My fault! Grammar errors are entirely attributed to my "liquoring up" of the Resqellie!

It was my sincere pleasure to have captured so much of your time and attention. Thank you.


Mala said...

I need to see a liquored up Ellie. It happens so rarely....

JonEMTP said...

Ellie - not sure how I've missed your blog all these years... But problem corrected. It's added to my Google Reader list (well... At least until July).

Maddog was talking about your interview Saturday night, too, especially the "EMS needs a good narrative" bit.


Jen said...

Apparently I should still be sorry for freaking you out about your blog :) I do still stop by and read when I get the time.

Ellie said...

Space, I'm touched that you still read it! You taught me a good lesson. Well, sort of, as I still haven't changed my profile picture.