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I've waited a long time to write about India, wanting so deeply to do the country justice. There are so many negative stereotypes that I want, in my small way, to break, while showing my great affection for the country without being completely trite. That's really a tall order.

Before I left, I'd watched Gandhi, Slumdog Millionaire, all of the Bollywood I could find. I'd read all the books from the library, cracked the Bhagavad Gita, and even attempted yoga (rather unsuccessfully). But I now know that India smacks you in the face no matter how you've prepared. The uninitiated will be surprised, overwhelmed, and delighted.

Within the my first week, we took a tour of some markets in Mumbai. The tour guide asked me if this was my first time to India.
 “Yes.” I answered without looking at him, unable to tear my eyes away from the myriad of unusual sights.
“I can tell by looking at you.” he laughed, pointing at my face.
I laughed and pointedly shut my mouth.