There are a few things that stereotypically define adulthood. One of those, other than drinking soda whenever you want is owning a home. Here you become responsible for 30 years of debt as well as maintaining what is really a big space with tons of working parts that no single person could understand. From roof to basement, front yard to back, a house is needy. Mine is 93, so sometimes it needs a little extra love as well as help across the street.

Back in September, I had my first house guests of the year. Two separate parties coming within a week of each other. On the eve of the firsts arrival, I decided to double check on the guest room (which I hadn't seen in some time, keeping the door shut for temperature efficiency). I opened the door and found the most hellacious mess where part of the plaster ceiling had fallen in. In a most sitcomesque fashion, I shut the door immediately and sent up a little prayer. But, when I reopened the door, the mess was still there. Literally in my pajamas with my toothbrush in my mouth, I stood, staring at the mess without a clue as to what to do.
I collected myself, finished my teeth and got my kitchen trash can. It was then I learned that plaster is quite heavy. As I thew large pieces in the can, it became clear this clean up required a bit more planning. I have yet to mention the plastery dust that was covering the entire room, and that my niece and nephews had left quite a town of playmobil out, waiting for them to return. Needless to say, playmbil FEMA were called and took care of the situation.

The incident had been more or less taken care of. More in that the plaster was cleaned up, less in that there is still a hole in the ceiling.

I haven't fixed that, but I did put a fan in my bathroom. I felt really accomplished, like I had done something wonderful for the house. Or, at least done some essential preventative maintenance.

Then, this hurricane came through. I came home from a very long night shift to find that half of my front window had blown out. Now, this is a big window, probably a 4x3 foot hole was now in my house and it was still raining, and cold, and my power was out, and I was really tired. I managed to get a tarp over the window, and later put cardboard on the inside. I went to start a fire in the wood stove, only to find that the tarp had blown off my wood and it was all soaking wet. I eventually got one started and warmed up the place a bit. Miraculously, despite the lack of window and hurricane winds, my front room was dry and leaf free. Maybe it was protected by the blinds, I don't know, but thank goodness. Then I had an amazing nap and spent the day at a friends house.

This incident has been more or less taken care of too. More in that it will be fixed, less in that it won't be fixed for two days.

I guess the lesson is don't forget to budget for 'shit happens.'

Ah Ha!

I bet that you thought I forgot to blog today. Well, I didn't.  I purposefully waited until 9pm so as to keep you guessing.  I have not neglected any social media today.  In fact, it is a momentous day as it is the day I added pics to facebook, wrote a blog post, and joined twitter.  I know, I know.  Don't give in to the man!  Twitter?  Isn't that yesterdays myspace?  Isn't that for aging actors to connect with the young folk?  Isn't that just another way for everyone to annoy all of their acquaintances with superfluous updates about their mundane lives?  Yes to all! 
Well, mostly all.  I was inspired by an improv peep to get on over and tweet like a bird of some sort.  I am going to reserve my 140 characters for charming and amusing insights into my every day life.  I know no one cares, but having amassed a whopping 5 followers in my first 24 hours, I am inspired.  I will be publishing a book of my clever tweets in T minus 4 years.  Yeah, take that, Steve Martin who was already famous and profoundly more amusing.

Oh, and because you're all wondering, here it is.  https://twitter.com/resqellie  (quick click to enjoy my first 9 tweets)  I don't even know what I'm saying.  I feel old.


As for the last week.  I've gone through some old crap and am donating three boxes of non sacred items next week.  I booked a tour of a local brewery.  Yes, 3 months in advance.  I got a clean bill of oral health from the dentist.  Though, I think my new filling has left me with an excessively sharp molar.  Will keep touching it with my tongue until it is sore.   

I had a great crafting weekend in perfect autumnal weather.  It was my most successful two day show by an enormous margin.  In addition, one of my photos has been chosen to be in a proper photography show at the local museum.  I am quite proud of this and am stoked to see it on a wall that isn't in my house. 

I've given a lot of thought to 'the salt and pepper shaker condrum' which basically means that much of my 145 pair eccentric collection is boxed up and yearning to see the sunshine.  I have been inspired by a recent visit to the worlds only salt and pepper shaker museum.  Yes, this 20,000 pair collection is as exciting as it sounds and no I'm not being facetious.  I have an unnatural interest in silly and clever S'nP's and made this pilgrimage on purpose.  It is quite amazing and overwhelming.  A mere fraction are pictured above. 
Displaying a collection is difficult as it eats up precious wall space and room space, but maybe I am over thinking it.  That is usually the case.    

I will continue keep you up to date on three social platforms but will remain neglectful of tumblr, reddit, and that other one that neglects formerly necessary vowels.  Up with vowels!

This week

Good Lord, it is October 17th.  This is a date of no personal significance, but it is important to note that I am blogging, and the last time that happened was September 2nd.  And I call myself a blogger!  The shame. 

Anywho, to the things! 

I'll stick to this past week, vow to make up for the last five by blogging every week until I am caught up on all of my nonsense news.  Yes, let's make it Wednesdays.  Deadlines!  Expectations! Motivation! Plus, having a weekly thing sets me up for weekly reflection and maybe I'll stop forgetting things.  I'm afraid this post is already too random, but I will promise more cohesion in future.  And maybe even a point. 

Last week, some of the fam and I went to see Wicked to celebrate a couple of birthdays.  It is an awesome show.  I am not a fan of frou-frou musicals, but this one is great.  I've seen it three times now and it is magic.  Unfortunately, the songs have been stuck in my head for almost a week.
My 10 year old niece joined us and I think for the first time ever, I saw her filled with wonder (I think).  Perhaps she will find a love of theatre or begin a lifelong appreciation for the arts.  That, or, she'll want to be a witch for Halloween.  Either way, I'm thrilled. 

I've been improvin' every tuesday night.  It's a good class, big, and with a lot of energy.  Brilliant moments from me few and far between, but that's what class is for.  Still great fun!

Other than that, I was canceled five times in a row at work; basically I just did a lot of driving and then driving back.  Also, I wore two different socks that day and didn't know until I got home, 24 hours later.  Maybe I should stop getting dressed in the dark.