Back to School

In preparation for potentially, maybe, hopefully applying for and going to PA school, this year I'm going to be taking (and re-taking) some prerequisites.  I figure that that this is a necessary step,  a review for what I will actually need to retain now, and serve to ease me back into academic life.
I had my first class today.  I've been joking that I can't wait to be the older adult student who screws up the curve for everyone.  Today, though, I realized that I (at 31) just might be the oldest person in the class.  I sought refuge by sitting next to who is probably the second oldest person in the class who just so happens to be working on getting into PA school.  So, I'll have to kill her.
I am excited to take A&P again, after 10 years of secretly wanting to retake it because the material is so amazing, but so abundant that I definitely lost (or never had) much of it.
The class was fine and basically nothing happened.  I remember loving the first day of class, oh, a whole session dedicated to having a syllabus read to us.  But that was before!  Before I was paying for it. Before I felt the urgency to learn it all.  Teach me something, man!  It is funny how that attitude changed over the years. Also, when I went to buy books, I actually considered buying all of the supplementary texts, something I never would have considered in my 20's.  (Because only nerds did that).
You know?  I've never gotten rid of my old flash cards from my first A&P class.  Who's crazy now?

My second class of the day (and term), Microbiology was canceled due to weather.  First day back and already enjoying a snow day!  Result.  We'll see what fresh hell awaits me there on Wednesday.  (I am far less confident about that class).

Now, I'm going to find those flash cards.

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