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I started this post by opening the folder of pictures that correspond and I find now, like when I was there, that the entire thing is completely unbelievable.  Mumbai itself is a city, the likes of which you won't find anywhere else on earth. 
I found it equal parts fascinating, scary, loud, and beautiful.  I think that what really troubles me about writing about it is that there is so much to say.  Basically, prepare to be bored.  What hit me first, travelling in December from the mid-atlantic, was the heat.  It was so lovely and warm and sunny every day.  Every. Day.  But, December is in the dry season.  It is temperate and the rain is held off for months at a time. What remains constant in Mumbai is the chaos.  I was met immediately with a cacophony of horns, as I've noted before they are just part of the soundtrack of the city, any city in India.
My suitcase had been temporarily 'misplaced' somewhere in Asia, so when I found my dear friend and host, she took me to a…


Mom:  Did you forget about the blog?
Me:  Blog?....(laughs)  Yeah, I did.
Mom:  What happened to writing once a week?
Me:  (feeble excuse)  Oh, man, I even missed my blogiversary!  Now I'm going to have to get it a special gift.  (hence the dozens of roses)

Okay, so I haven't forgotten the blog, but damn it has been neglected.  I don't even have an excuse (as usual).  Even if I did have one, is there one that is sufficient to have not blogged in four weeks after promising a weekly post?  I don't think so!
Arm fell off, computer broken, true detective; all fixable and complete non excuses.  I wish that I could tell you that I was working hard on another project, making tons of cash, saving the world, finishing my PhD or something important, but alas.  Not so much.  Actually, I have been working on another project, but not one that will help me become a more skilled writer.
After Santa brought me a kiln, yes actual kiln, for christmas I have been hard at work drving myse…