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Legal Matters

Today I gave my first deposition. It was quite an adventure. It's not a suit I'm named in, but my report does hold some seemingly important information. Therefore, lawyers on both sides felt it necessary to hear every detail of my educational past and career path. Then they had a whole host of inane questions like why we had two providers on a call? What's the difference between a paramedic and an EMT? Why did I use the glascow coma scale? When did I first learn about this particular condition? 'The exact date?' I ask. 'Yes.' they answer as if it were completely reasonable to remember every detail of college. 'Oh, that? Let me see. That was September 21st 2004 at about 815 in the morning.'

I feel like it is a good thing that this call happened over four years ago and I can't remember it at all. This way, I am 100% reliant on my documentation, which although a scary prospect, this scenario is easier than remembering something inaccur…

Yes, 2.

I want a dog. That's why I adopted two cats. Not that they would ease me into dog ownership. I have come to terms that I can't have a dog while I am still doing this 24 hour shift thing. I know that dog walkers and kennels exist and all that, but those things add an expense to the whole thing and includes giving a complete stranger a key to my house. I digress. I've wanted a cat and just before Christmas I made the biggest mistake someone who 'wants a cat' could make. I went to the pound. It was absolutely busting with elegible cats and the more I looked the more compelled I was to own one. I was Vascilating between the two of these cats. I was unduly infulenced by the volunteer who wanted me to adopt this one cat so badly she could taste it. 'That one's nice, but look at this one! She's such a sad case. She's been here for months too. And she's kind of ugly. And kind of old. But look how sweet she is! Here, sit down. I'll …


Are you telling me that it is January 6th and I haven't written a post since sometime in December? Is my life so sad that I cannot even bore you with the mundane things that have taken place in the last monthish? Yeah, probably.
I've uh, gone to the store, and driven to work, and ran some calls, and took a nap and that about sums it up.

Okay, it's not all that bad. I do worry that I have come to a point in my prehospital career, where I don't need to write every call down. Well, that's already happened, but very few get blogged. That, I guess, is obvious this year by how few calls are noted here. That and an increasing worry about privacy violations. It only seems natural that I don't share every call anymore. Not that I ever really did, but honestly, there is only so much to be said about shortness of breath and chest pain. The market can only bear so many recountings of car accidents.

Or maybe I have just lost my mojo. I don't know, but I felt…