Cov Update 1

I've made a little progress with the WAP in the last few days. I finally got everything lined up mailed to renew my passport. God willing, I will see it and the new one in my mailbox in a few weeks.
I was going to make my first tuition payment, then discovered how much it would cost to wire money, and decided to try to pay it all at once instead of three times. $60 saved is $60 earned. Once I do pay them, they'll send me a letter that tells the UK government that I have a place there. I use that and my shiny new passport to apply for my student visa.
Yesterday and today I filed my federal and state income taxes. Whew! Thankfully I did not owe the state as much as I did last year, but the feds wanted their economic stimulus check back and more. Oh well.
I have also now submitted my FAFSA for next year. Hopefully that will yield something, but who knows in these times.
The wheels are turning, slowly but surely.

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