Some search terms to cheer the heart

Old search terms that I've been meaning to publish, but had not gotten around to it. I'm not sure these actually get you to the blog anymore, but they did at least once!

"free pictures of full English breakfast" I'd rather have it in real life than in pictures. If I had any pictures, I wouldn't charge.

"pictures of paramedics in England" I love that this yields my blog and pictures of soccer.

"my health work in progress" Health is indeed a work in progress.

"Surgical Crike and Pictures" Yahoo wanted to change this search to "surgical crimes and pictures."

"aberrantly conducted" which google tried to changed to "apparently conducted" haha, sounds like pulseless elctrical activity to me.

"work in progress good to go shirt" When the blog is popular enough to need a t-shirt, I'll keep this in mind.

"what it means to carry junk in your pocket" A deep philosophical question indeed. Well, first I'd want junk to be defined. I often have chap stick, gum, 33 cents, and a girly penknife in my pockets. I think having this junk means you are super awesome. And have incredibly moist lips.

"premarital counseling where there is little progress made" Don't do it.

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