...like a hole in the house

Yes, this is as awesome as it looks. This is the result of an unfotunate teenager learning that sometimes you can go too fast in a car. The driver lost control, drove through a yard, dodged a tree by some miracle and slammed into an unsuspecting house. The house lost. Well, so did the car.

This was one of those accidents where I was getting nervous going there because they had already called for one helicopter, and when I got on scene, they called for a second one. Oh crap. I was alone on the medic unit at part time work. I pulled up and saw three patients on backboards, all conscious with not a huge amount of blood on them. I was comforted. One EMT told me they had the worst one that they were loading into the ambulance. I took a minute to assess the other two patients and found their injuries unimpressive. They didn't need a helicopter or a paramedic. It was at that point I realized that I hadn't seen any of the car or cars involved. I gave a quick look around, and found the car smashed into the house about 300 feet from the road. Wow. I was impressed and my concern for the 'worst' patient grew.

I stepped into the ambulance; my patient had a bump on the head and some hand injuries, probably from holding the wheel while the windshield was smashed in. From what I could see, luck was a serious factor. Given the mechanism of injury and the fact that the bird was already on the ground at that point, I flew the patient to the trauma center.

The ambulance dropped me back at the scene and I took a few minutes to take some pics. The homeowner invited me to go through the cellar door to the basement. Holy crap, this was the coolest thing in the history of cool things. The front half of the car was suspended in their basement. Cement blocks and whole bricks had exploded all over the floor. I mean there was debris more than 30 feet away from the car. It was brilliant. The car was leaking all kinds of fluid, but except for the obvious hole in the house, not too much else was damaged beyond repair. Thankfully no one was doing laundry down there when it happened.
More or less the same pictures are in the paper so I figured it wasn't a violation of anything to show them here.


Ken said...

Agreed, very cool.

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Sweet pics!

BMW R 90/6 said...

DAMNIT I hate it when that happens! Oops.