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Running Amuck

It was about 4am when we had returned from a call and I had just snuggled back into my sleeping bag, happy to be last up. Another medic came in and woke up his partner.
“We have to go,” he said. “Someone is smashing into peoples’ cars outside.”
Suddenly, I was awake, but awake as I was I couldn’t remember where I had parked my car. I hastily put my boots back on and followed the rest of my curious colleagues outside.

Most of the parking for work was on the street, and there were a few spots behind our building. By the time we were led outside I remembered that I was parked on the street and vulnerable to this mysterious car smashing. Luckily, we headed in the opposite direction of my car, to where two cars were parallel parked on the street. It appeared that someone (in their vehicle) had rear ended the car parked on the end. That car was pushed into the one in front of it. The first car was pretty much destroyed. The frame was bent, the front and rear bumpers...well, the rea…

Battery Access

We got a call for a fall. It came out as an ‘alpha’ response which means that the call was categorized as non-emergency and we go sans lights and sirens. The call was in a local apartment building. We got into the building easily as it was the middle of the day and there were lots of people milling around the lobby. We got upstairs and to the apartment and heard a tiny voice coming from the other side of the locked door.
“I’ve fallen and I can’t get to the door!”
Crap. We both tried the knob again in vain, just to make sure. I went back downstairs, certainly someone there could get us a key of some sort.
“ any of you know where I can find the leasing or maintenance office? I need a key.”
“Sure. Are you a relative?”
I look down at my uniform and radio just to be sure they were still there. “No, someone called 911 and we need to get into the apartment.”
“Oh, well whose apartment is it?
“Um...I don’t no.” I said slowly as I glanced at the ambulance outside.
“Oh right, well …