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Well, I'm back.

The room is back in order with a few additions and a few deletions. Most noticeable addition: kopapa, who just barely doesn’t fit completely under the bed, but I think it’s standable. Yesterday was yet another day when I question why we live on the 3rd floor. (other days include, move-out, the other move-in, and the day we bought the TV.) It’s good to wonder ‘why the top floor?’ to roommates when we’re half way up the stairs with a million pound television, having narrowly escaped death after it threatened to crush us for the 50th time.

The day before yesterday I received my official NREMT-I patch, card, and certificate, two of which are currently displayed in my room.
I have a few more days to veg before school starts. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this time. Maybe review ACLS, as our test is coming up, but I doubt it. Maybe reacquaint myself with the ‘gargantuan book of death’ (paramedic textbook), but I doubt it. Maybe I’ll go downtown and take the CRT exam…

Hmm, 12 comments?

Imagine my excitement, mere hours after my last post and 5 comments, unprecedented! Hours later, even more! Unfortunately, these comments needed editing by me. For those posted by actual people, thanks! Glad you like it, keep reading.
As for the others; not so sure about the picking up girls thing, definitely not on the market for HD dish TV, and antioxidants are great, but thanks anyway.
As a result of this 'comment spam' I've added word verification to the comments. Apparently this stops non-humans from commenting on the blog. Sorry that this is a pain, but hopefully it will rid me of fake comments.

When do I get my “Sane” stamp?

Although I think that I deserve to be declared officially sane; instead of a stamp, I'll be receiving my official NREMT-I patch very soon!
I was looking through my old posts back when national registry and I first met and I found where I declared: “NREMT exams are designed not to test your knowledge of paramedicine, but you're overall mental health.” So true. Luckily, I won't have to pass their tests again for another 9 months! And after that, I'll only have to deal with them every two or three years for the rest of my working life...wait, I'll never be rid of them!
That horrifying thought aside, today their website says the best thing it's ever said: "Currently registered with the NREMT*."I'll be back at school on Saturday in the greatest apartment ever to enjoy, a dryer, netflix, rice Krispie treats, a dishwasher, Johnny movies, and great friends (oh yeah, learning and all that too). As for now, I'm going to shoot arrows and enjoy this lovel…

In your face, national registry!

Well, that's all I have to say really.
I must have gotten the pre-test superstition ritual right this time (and it's the 13th). Now I know I have to drive clockwise around campus three times while thinking hard about what I want, and magically, a door will open filled with IO stopcocks, IV bags, a lifepack 12, trauma dressings, retractable needles, and everything else I could possible need to pass the test. Wait. I'm getting mixed up with harry potter. Either way, it's over!
So, can I burn my registry sheets now? Yeah, I'll make s'mores, yum!

River Ramblings

Since last I wrote...not much has happened. I turned 22, kayaked until my arms fell off (makes you wonder how I’m typing this right now), studied, ate ice cream for lunch, met a hamster, remembered why I hate summer then remembered why I love summer, and posted more pictures on my photobucket account.

Yesterday I learned river respect by riding down my first (what you could call) real river. Up until now I've done open water and a class I river. This river had sections of class II which were really fun and challenging. It was an amazing experience. It was the first time when I could really feel the power of the river; I learned quickly how to read the water and chose a good line. I got a great feeling of accomplishment when I could look back at what we just came through, and say “that was awesome!”

Kopapa (my kayak) and I had only a few moments of thinking “we’re in a tight spot!” But, as Dori says: “Just keep paddling, paddling, paddling, paddling...” or something like that.
It was …

Finally, Pictures!

I have added LAS and Europe pictures to my photobucket account. Feel free to peruse them at your leisure and enjoy!