How about a good old fashioned call round up?

A pleasantly confused old lady with a fever. 'Would you tell me your birthday?' Huge, mischievous smile 'No.' 'Alright, you do what you do.' 'Thank you for a great dinner.' 'Anytime.' 'I'm so glad that's over.' 'Yes. Me too'. (Continues to hospital).

A kid that ate iron supplements. PS. this can be VERY bad for adults but especially children. But in the first stages, all I had to deal with was another kid whom didn't quite like me.

A kid who stabbed themselves with an adult epi pen. PS. I don't really know how bad this can be especially when everything is fine after 45 minutes. Poison control agreed in this instance.

A delightfully bright elderly lady with basically nothing wrong with her. When I stood her up from her chair she was about a head and a half shorter than I am. There was a pregnant pause before she said. "That's as high as I'm going to get!" "Hey, I wasn't going to mention it." I said innocently. "You wanted to. I could tell." I want more patients like her.

A patient with flank pain called at midnight. Within the last week they'd been seen in the ER three times for the same thing. No primary physician.

Someone with a pulse of 35 and a BP of 70/p. Both very not good. But a patient I can treat?! Amazing. Lots of generic chest pains and sick people: aspirin, zofran, yay yay yay!


You should know by now. . . ! said…
I'm loving these last 4 entries! It gives me such insight to your world. Liked the comment you received from an apparent stranger who appreciates your job! Keep on keeping on! You're the best!

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