A note on September

September is one of my favorite months.  Topped only by October and November.  I'm a fall girl.  This year, I noticed that I didn't do any blog posts in September.  Shock!  Horror!  So, I decided to do a retrodated post to tell you why.  Don't get excited, there's no one real reason, but it's been a busy month.
1.  The Fair.  The fair in my town is the best event of the year and I try to go as often as possible in th week.  As a kid, I liked the rides and games, but as an adult I go for food and adorable baby animals.  So much food.  I can't even tell you the wonderus things that could delight your taste buds at the fair.  But I can tell you that my brother's friend from NYC insisted on making it an annual trip because she loved the food so much.  Additionally, I love the demolition derby.  It's good old fashioned american fun and I love it.  I feel so united with my countrymen at this event.  We all want the same thing:  big smashes, exciting hits, and occasional fire.  It's great.

2.  Writing.  I know you loyal readers have heard this before.  'Real' writing getting in the way of blogging.  But, it's true, as it always has been.  I've been working pretty regularly on my 'retirement plan' as I like to call it.  Mostly because I am confident that I can retire on $20.  I joined a writing group where one can submit short workds for review and critique.  This is fun even when I'm not the one waiting to hear what strangers thought of my work.  I submitted last time and the prologue of the fake book seemed pretty well received.

3.  Skyrim.  My friend lent me a copy and I've made it to a new level of nerdom.  I am addicted. 

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