Wild-Ass Plans

For the last several years, I have navigated my life around what I like to call 'Wild-Ass Plans.'   A WAP is a goal, a plan, that doesn't have to be spectacular, just something you want to accomplish.  One should always be there, somewhere on a back burner.  Anything from starting a family, making a expensive but meaningful purchase, to going back to school or traveling to a new and exciting place. I firmly believe these things are essential to a meaningful life.  They have helped me be decisive on big things, helped me to be frugal, and helped me to strive toward a purpose driven life.

The first and my favorite step of a WAP is to always say yes.  Despite what your friends, family, or colleagues say, if you want something- go out and get it. If someone questions your plan and your instinctive answer is "Why not?" then you are well on your way.  All you may need is a little spark in your mind. A little idea that becomes a (healthy) obsession.  Yes is the answer that takes courage.  Yes is never the regrettable answer.  Always say yes, because from there everything is possible.  (copyright resqellie)

From yes, the WAP moves into my next and second favorite stage which is planning. I love logistics more than UPS.  It may be pouring over train timetables, reading up on how cloth diapers work, or checking the hours of the justice of the peace, a little planning and research can go a long way.  While a WAP doesn't have to be expensive, financial planning is essential.  Pinching pennies is just one more challenge.  Planning can take years or months or maybe just that moment of inspiration is all you need to get started.

After planning is my other favorite stage:  execution.  This may be the most difficult part.  Having already said yes and figured out how to do it, now is the time to take the real first step. 

And that's all.  Most wild-ass plans are not as easy as this sounds, but who cares!  It's the thrill of the hunt that can be the best part.  In adult life, it is easy to forget to be inspired, curious, and creative.  Wild-ass plans in my life have helped me to rediscover these traits and believe me, it feels good. 

Every wild-ass plan comes with moments of clarity and terror, sometimes at the same time. 
The mark of a good one is to at some point think to yourself with more amusment than worry: "How did I get in this situation!?"
There is only one rule of wild-ass plans and that is to never give up.  So, go out there and find a little inspiration and courage and try something new.  Thanks for reading and now I'll conclude my motivational speech because I have some research to do. 

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